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The bliss of catsitting

I had an amazing time catsitting in London early last month. I was doing it for family members, so I’d met the cats a couple of times over the last few years (two of them, rescue cats that are thought to be mother and son). They’re house cats, so there was no fretting (from me) about whether they’d be safe in traffic, but at first I saw them very little, they didn’t have much to do with people in their early years, so they’ve been terrified of even the most well-meaning humans.

However – that was old news, they’d grown less timid in the last year or so, observed closely by my lovely rellies, and I was told (correctly, happily!) that they’d come into the bedroom to be with me if I let them. You can guarantee that I let them! And by the end of the first week, that’s what was happening – though one of them was still under the bed rather than on it with me.

At the end of the second week, the transformation was almost complete: both of them would lie on the (nice big) bed with me, and when I sat down in an armchair, or on the sofa, the brave one would leap up onto my lap, especially if I had a thin cushion there to make it easier to loll about. Even better, sometimes he’d leap straight onto my lap, but if I was in an armchair, he’d circle about me, like Simon’s Cat: jump onto an armrest, up onto the back, across the back, down to the other armrest, and then onto my lap, having claimed me completely as his own property.

A happy cat on my knee
A happy cat in my chair

I did get out and about a bit – I used to live in London, so I went up to Central London to meet a friend, and saw that the lions on the Houses of Parliament are actually being very rude to passers-by:

Parliamentary lions pull their tongues at tourists

And when I popped up to Euston (to take pictures of the Carreras Factory, for a later post on here) I saw a logo for a transportation firm that was just adorable:

Logo for a transportation company!

Back at the catsitting gig, the timid one never sat on my lap, sadly. And she never stopped hissing in fear when I happened to walk by her plate of food as she was feeding, though she did stop running away, that was something.  I absolutely loved the catsitting, though, and hanging out in a new-to-me area of London, especially with such gorgeous cats to  get to know better.

But I had the greatest compliment a cat sitter can have the next week, once my relatives were home: I was told that when the brave one jumped up on their laps, he looked at them like he expected someone else to be there! Me, I think! Life is good!