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I love cats, and I love writing.  The two of them have finally come together in this blog, which I really enjoy writing, whether it’s about places that celebrate cats, historic cats, statuary or real life present day cats.  What I write will often shoot off into some of my other interests, including history, design, tourism and anything else that takes my fancy.  It just has to be cat-related.

Thank you for your interest!  I’m a self employed writer and counsellor, and I’m available to write articles and short inserts on cats and cat-lovers.   As for my skills and my writing style, all the content here is written by me, this sort of writing is what I can offer.  I have a varied, extensive background in charity administration, finance, astronomy and counselling and therapy, and all of those can inform my work as agreed.

I’m open to collaborations and review opportunities.  If you would like to explore that further, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can explore further.

To make press enquiries, please contact me at innerteenager@yahoo.co.uk.

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I currently live in the south of England – pretty crowded here, but still plenty of room for cats.   I was foraging apples on a small nature reserve near me recently, and came across this beautiful four-legged person:

A break from hunting

For all he’s so beautiful, and so perfectly groomed, he’s a real hunter.  When I’m out walking, I often see him combing the hedges of the reserve, looking for heaven knows what.  Today, though, he was sitting quietly behind the apple tree that was my quarry, so I got much closer to him than I’d ever managed.

I’d love it if you’d join me here to talk about all the beautiful cats, and I look forward to meeting you.

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    1. Oh dear! I did not know about this phrase when I named the blog! I think when I get round to producing artwork, I’ll be using a font and symbols that are less suggestive – the nearest I’ll go to religion of any sort is the Egyptian ankh, the symbol for life itself. I like that!

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