Fun Stuff

Simon’s Cat

I adore Simon’s Cat.  These were the first cat cartoons I ever saw, and they’re so realistic in their way, they’re irresistible.  Watch them.  Hurt your stomach laughing at them.  And then go stroke a cat, while enjoying the rest of what the website has to offer.

Grumpy Cats

Note the plural in the website name now!  But how can you not love Grumpy Cat?  The chance of her facial expression looking grumpy to us is just that, chance … I’ve seen interviews with her human being, and she looked very contented indeed.  More power to her paw.


You’re going to love it or hate it, or maybe you just feel that a little goes a long way.  In any case, LolCats is the home of some of those cutesy photos with text-speak-alike all over them.

Fascinating Stuff

The Great Cat

Oh my word.   I’ve found someone else with the same love of cats, enjoyment of the web, and determination to spread the word.  Except that she’s been doing it a lot longer than me!  Go see it, you’ll love it.


Here we are at a sort of international magazine of gorgeous cats, from all over the world but especially from the USA.   Lots from the UK too.   Its gorgeous.


An online cat magazine-cum-newspaper from the USA, which also has a print edition.

UK Charities

Cats Protection League

This is the premier UK cat charity, I think.  They do wonderful work, locally and nationally, and no one else speaks up for cats so consistently on the national stage.  And, typically for a standard bearer, they have a page listing all of their downloads about looking after our cats, everything from allergies to rehoming, through blindness and ending up with fireworks.  This site is an absolute must.

Battersea Cats Home

They’ve made a massive effort over the years to include cats – check out their banner on this page!  They’re another organisation that does wonderful work.  As you might, expect, their advice is slanted heavily towards insurance and identification, which is no bad thing.


This is The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, of course, at the start of all the pages about cats – and there are lots of them.  There’s also a free .pdf document to download on this page, entitled “How to take care of your cat”.  I regard the RSPCA as the go-to for conventional standards of animal care in this country, and it has a surprising (to me) amount of information devoted specifically to our beautiful cats: diet, home environment, pet carriers, spraying, all sorts of things.   


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