Belgian cats rule the world

I never thought I’d write about terrorism in my cat blog. I’m still not, actually – I’m writing about what the residents of Brussels did yesterday, when asked by the security services not to broadcast what they were seeing of police and military operations, in case it aided the terrorists.

The news media are just as liable to spread news and pictures, of course, but it was the residents who responded so magnificently: “the internet is made of cats” proved true last night. The internet, human individuality and irrepressibility, whatever you want to call it.  It exploded all over the web last night, spontaneously.  It was fun, as well.

Just as the people evacuated from the French national football stadium sang La Marseillaise, just as Parisians vowed to go out and enjoy themselves on Friday 20th, one week after the attacks, so Belgians showed that while they could co-operate with their security services, by staying inside and by not tweeting details of actions, they could also still undermine the grip of the terrorists, by laughing and refusing to be overcome.

Some of the pix are already famous – and some have been thought up on the fly. Belgium has never been particularly famous for it’s sense of humour: Poirot and Tintin are fun but kind of humourless. That sense of stodginess has been changed forever.

So sing along with me, to the tune of Lady of Spain: “Kittens of Belgium, we adore you….”

You’ve probably seen most of the pictures, they’ve been all over the web, but they’re irresistible, so here are some of them again:

They got him“They got him” …




Vader-alike.jpg large Vader-alike.





Stay away from the windows“Stay away from the windows”.




Tweeting There was British input too, in support of the Belgians.







Love from the Belgian police.png largeAnd earlier today, the Belgian police themselves tweeted a thank you to the cats that helped them so much yesterday.  Love those police forever.

2 thoughts on “Belgian cats rule the world

  1. I love the Vader cat! So excited because I shared this on Twitter and am now following you. A bit stalkerish?
    Do sphinx count as cats?
    All the best, smallholdingsister xxx

  2. Hi there! Thank you for sharing and following 🙂 Not stalkerish at all, thats the invitation I put out there!

    Interesting about the sphinx – there’s a breed of cat called the sphinx, but there’s the Sphinx that sits at the Pyramids of Giza, of course, and I don’t think that is – though it has the body of a lion, so it sort of qualifies. I think I might work on that!

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