My Cat Pottery cats


As I mentioned, I’m posting now to show you my own Winstanley Pottery cats, which I bought because they were so like my own beautiful mother-and-daughter moggies.  The photo above is my pottery cats, of course, and just below this paragraph are my own beautiful cats:  Jessie, the stubby-legged daughter, and Willow, the aristocratic-looking grey one.  She was just as much a moggy as her daughter, her littermates were all sorts of colours, but she came up trumps (well, I think so) in the genetic lottery.  The two of them were very close, and they lived together all their lives.

Starting to settle in

The photo below was taken in the middle of a house move, and once they saw the empty cupboard, it was irresistible.  Willow, of course, claimed the top spot, she always did!

Cats and moving house, Jan 98a

And the house move photo shows exactly why I bought the particular statuettes I did, the big grey one looking directly at me, and the anxious little black and white deferring:


The colours were off the shelf, the direction of the eye movements were individual, and they expressed very clearly what my own lovely cats looked like. They’re made of ceramic, with glass eyes, and the glass is described as cathedral glass. I don’t know if that means they’re made from glass with the same chemical breakdown as cathedrals in this country, or whether some collapsing cathedral somewhere has sold off their windows to finance a renovation, but the result is gorgeous, the eyes definitely feel alive.

Close up, the eyes might look a bit spooky, like the photo below, but in truth this is exactly what Willow looked like first thing in the morning as she peered over the top of my duvet, demanding that I get up and provide her with breakfast, in the manner to which I made her accustomed.


I’ve got to hand it to Winstanley Pottery, they’ve done a marvellous job of showing the different characters cats can have.  Thank you, Winstanley.

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