Banners, past and present

When I first started blogging about cats, I had a great time putting together pictures I’d taken to create a fairly detailed (a.k.a. quite messy) blog header.  Scroll forward a year, with a new home for the blog, and I want something quite different.  I want the header I have now – very simple, very cat-focussed, and very happy.  It’s actually a detail from the statue of Dick Whittington and his cat outside Guildhall Art Gallery, and I think it’s a lovely little thing.

The others were gorgeous in their way, naturally!  This was the first:

banner the first one on the old blog

There are a couple of neighbourhood cats I liked, a pair of cats at a harbourside cafe in Hania, in Crete, the motif on a sparkly duvet cover of mine, and a statue in Cardiff, which drapes over a wall.

Then there was the second:

cropped-final-banner on the old blog

One of the neighbour’s cats stayed in, in a different photo, the duvet cover and the statue stayed in, but they were bookended by photos of my own cats, Willow and Jessie.  It was even bittier though!  So I went for simple and classy with the one I have now, with a crop of this photo:

The Beautiful Cat

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